Sadly, I would have to report that I experience the feelings and sensations of helplessness on a daily basis, and have for quite some time now – years in fact.

Ever since I realized how seriously fucked up my daughter’s situation was rapidly becoming and then was alienated from it through the manipulation and mendacious actions of the Social Services Caseworker, an evil and frigid creature…a creature who does not speak the local language comprehensively by any means, yet somehow maintains employment under the county government as a god damned SOCIAL worker!

My life has spun helplessly out of control in varying directions since my child was court-ordered to receive “residential treatment” as a means of controlling her wild behaviors. I was admittedly struggling with controlling her myself at home, as she was already sneaking out of her bedroom window at age 9 to run off into the night aimlessly out of sheer spite. Her running away and lying, stealing and creating unnecessary drama in the neighborhood amongst her peers.


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