My Insufferable Compatriots

In a place in which my average fellow American was “offended” by a Coco-Cola Super Bowl commercial depicting a multi-lingual version of America the Beautiful, (see video here a patriotic song that should theoretically inspire the heart and soul of the American Spirit in a positive and uplifting way, I am somehow still appalled by my what seems to be the vast majority of my compatriots’ collective sense of entitlement.  

Hmmmm…..Really? I thought we were finally getting past such retardation in our species ability to grow on a socio-economic level…damn…

Personally, in all reality, I wanted to spin around in my seat on the plush, overstuffed Ethan Allen couch and spit fireballs into the laps of the (and I hate to admit this) handful of people who were booing and hissing at the screen when this commercial played the first time. I wanted to hiss and boo at them and check their heads by reminding them each separately that I am half Native Shawnee; that it strikes close to my heart to be in a room with people from varying cultural backgrounds and ethnic bloodlines, that they have been openly proud of at times in the past when it served them well, despicably spew such mind-blowing bigotry in the face of a heart-warming chorus of various children’s singing voices. The language was irrelevant; that was supposed to have been the point of the commercial being performed in different languages, dumb-asses…geezImage.