Note #203

Notes to Self: Note 203

Dear Self,

  • Whoever told you that you look even remotely tolerable in those leggings is a cruel liar…
  • Granted, humor and a good sense of it have long been an arguable type of psychological coping mechanisms in human beings; however, this DOES NOT seal the approval of joke-telling in any forum, as it may fit your own need to cope with things others remain unaware of. You’ve taken “Class Clown” a little too far.
  • Lines seem to be another huge impossibility for humans to wrap their superior brains around, in any context surrounding the notion of waiting one’s turn in line to achieve a goal that one finds necessary to achieve. Whenever possible, it has proven tried and true that we will avoid and desert standing in lines to wait our turn, just like the others waiting in front of and behind each one of us. I’d like to see more police brutality happening to those people, personally. No one on Earth deserves a few chops to the throat than the people who cut in line.
  • When avoiding eye contact with your strange female neighbor, try not to do it so well that you resemble Rain man’s female counterpart. Now, she tries to send donations over through your roommates.


3 thoughts on “Note #203

  1. El Guapo says:

    In what forum was the joke told?


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