Americana Injustica’s Nominees for the Liebster Award

My choices have been reflexive, almost systematic, in the selection of nominees I’ve come up with for the Liebster Award.

These are people who stood out against the backdrop to my eyes – beginning the first time that I read something they’ve posted here. These are uniquely expressive people who have each somehow triggered or tickled literary and/or socially relative senses that typically lie dormant and unstimulated; and whose words have affected the moving, meaningful, jarring, sobering, tear-jerking and raw.

Most importantly: my nominations are to bloggers who have been permanently and very duly noted by a random stranger on the West Coast of the US; a struggling survivor feeling tired and weary – genuinely, THANK YOU.

Your words have made a difference in the recovery of this Cut-Throat.

Blue Skies, Nominated Bloggers…

And the Americana Injustica Liebster Award Nominees Are:

(Drumroll, Please!)

  1. 1.       The Hope for Healing Project Blog at

I have been encouraged on almost a DAILY basis by the simple but perpetual flow of uplifting reminders and supportive nudges that shine from this blog; my daughter was a “cutter”, and I have always struggled fiercely to comprehend this urge and affected release of tension it produced in her existence. Please visit and follow if it so strikes your fancy.

  1. 2.      Notes From my Idiot Boss at

If you aren’t already a follower of this office reality show-esque blog and you foster a sense of humor even remotely similar to my own – GO THERE NOW AND  BUST YOURSELF SOME SIDE STITCHES…this guy is hands-down: friggin’  hilarious. My entire household has spent moments huddles around the monitor, tears of laughter streaming down all six cheeks and smiles that left our faces hurting for a day, while reading this blog, it’s hysterically rich in humor and awesome side-notage.

  1. 3.       Guapola at

This guy is another blogger who has become somewhat stationary in my blogosphere; he’s a wise soul with good energy and an impeccable sense of humor that I am a sucker for. His blog deals with the riches of life and living – it’s a patchwork of thoughts, recollections, banter, jokes, and music – a cultural blog of soup. He is always encouraging and engaged in his postings – he’s a REAL human being. Go check out his stuff if you think you can hang…


  1. 4.      A Buick in the Land of Lexus at

Samara is another eye-catching, heart-stopping, soul-moving, and gut-wrenching real-life blogger who tells it like is – and isn’t sorry for it. I admire this woman for many reasons, reasons that will only become clearer to you as you read her stuff – she’s a natural writer with a twist of ghetto and spritz of trash (I say that in the most genuinely supportive and endeared way, Samara!). You read her, you’ll need her.


  1. 5.       A Fellow Survivor at

This blog is a beautiful and surreal place to visit as a survivor of a near-fatal marriage. I also suffered PTSD in a variety of ways and manifestations as a result of surviving, driving home the reality that there’s a lot more to surviving than eating, sleeping and shitting. If you support the idea of a Survivor; if you read and genuinely understood the message behind my post called The Cut-Throat Club, you should visit this blog as well.


  1. 6.      The Trail Blazing Writers at

This is a poetry blog for the most part, written by a Shawn Price, who is exceptionally gifted with words and literary ticklers. If you are a poet or like to read good verse, please check out this blog: find eloquence.


6 thoughts on “Americana Injustica’s Nominees for the Liebster Award

  1. […] and American Injustica honored me with a Liebster Award! Nothing better than a nice steamed Liebster! Or something. Anyway, she has a great site, and I […]


  2. El Guapo says:

    Wow, you’ve put me in some great company up there (for the blogs I already know), along with the best write up ever!
    Thank so much!

    Now to check out the nominees I don’t know…


  3. Thank you so much for the Liebster award. I do have an award free blog, but I am still very thankful, for you considering my blog worthy of your nomination.
    It is good to know what you write, is helpful to others.
    Thank you so much!


  4. samara says:

    Thank you so much for the Liebster – and for the amazing things you wrote about me. I’m on your blog – and totally digging it. Following you now! xo


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