Eleven Honest Answers

Eleven Questions and Answers:

1 – What embarrassing moment sticks foremost in your memory of High School?

I was a “hotshot” on the varsity basketball team throughout my junior and senior high school years; in senior year, towards the end of my final high school career season, I was playing center in a neck and neck game against my school’s athletic nemesis. We were down to 2 seconds on the clock and I hooked the ball from half-court, amazingly affecting a silent dunk of all net at the last nano-second – breaking the tied score in the nick of time. Unfortunately, since I had been revolved back into the game during the 4th quarter, I was mentally stuck in the second quarter, in which my team was on the opposite basket. Yes, I get the OTHER TEAM the winning points…I am a notoriously celebrated legend at the rival high school to this very day.

2 – What activity/thing did your parents forbid you, that practically all the other kids you knew had permission?

My father never even considered allowing me to get my ears pierced as a girl; to the day he died when I was 13 years old, he forbade me to do so. (I know, weird huh?)

3 – What is your favorite part of the Academy Awards?

I must admit with indifference, that, despite my love for movies as well as the plethora of talent attached to cinema and the film industry, I have NEVER watched the Academy Awards…I harbor much too short of an attention span for such lengthiness.

4 – Who do you think was the best Host of the Academy Awards?

My above answer should kill those two birds with the one stone…;-)

5 – What makes you smile?

A truly witty creature with therapeutic humor can easily me smile.

6 – What sport & Team are you passionate about?

I’m a fan of the NFL – and an eternal Forty-Niner Faithful, Baby!

I’m equally passionate about the NBA – I Bleed Gold & Purple – Go Lakers!

7 – What genre do you prefer to read?

Ahhhh, geez let’s see…I have never been able to nail down a single genre because I simply LOVE to read; in truth, I am one of those people who reads anything with alpha-numeric text displayed in my language, no matter what it is. A few favorite genres of mine would be:  

Ancient History,

Speculative Fiction,

Science Fiction,

True Crime

Apocalyptic-themed Thrillers (such as zombie gore)



*Although, not necessarily in that order of preference.

8 – Who is a hero in your life?

Jack is a celebrated local hero where I live. Jack is the retired EMT/Firefighter who arrived at the scene of my traumatic domestic event in 2001, after my abusive monster of my then-husband had cut my throat open in attempt to take my life. Jack was a stranger to me prior to literally saving my last few drops of life in the back of a speeding ambulance. Jack was sitting in the room with me when I woke up weeks later with a maimed face that was unrecognizable even to myself; Jack has lifted his own injured wing high enough to give me room to scurry underneath – Jack is like my second Dad, and brings so much to my existence in so many direct and indirect ways. Jack is the rightful keeper of a good portion of my respect and admiration – trust and loyalty.

9 – What is one of your talents?

I NEVER forget a face.

10 – What TV show do you watch, but don’t admit it?

Okay…fine…since you ask point-blank…

My roommates (both male) religiously watch the series called “Mad Men”, which is a drama/satire mockery full of horribly regrettable human behavior, scandalous business dealings, sexual oppression, and sexually chauvinistic show – one that has grown on me like a tumor. On nights they watch it, I far too often find myself standing in the safety of the kitchen’s darkness behind their position on the couches, a cup of tepid coffee in my hand, mouth hanging wide open while I stand there enveloped by the dialogue and imagery.

11 – Any advices (or tips) you would like to share with your fellow bloggers?

Any two cents that I would toss in to fellow bloggers would be along the lines of:

Be mindful of the fact that a blog isn’t taken any more seriously online than spoken words in the real world are; so you’d be smart to manage your expectations with that in mind; carry on respectfully and by all means – be real – be HUMAN, if you dare.


4 thoughts on “Eleven Honest Answers

  1. JMC813 says:

    One word……..NIIIIIINERRRRRRRSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. El Guapo says:

    My mother freaked out the first time I got my ear pierced.
    When I finally had a pro do it (so it would stay in and not get infected) she’d mellow to just tsk-ing at me.


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