The Disjointed

I shake awake in the  night;

Hate burning white through sleeping eyes…

I can’t take away all the pain,

The consuming blame –

Read me, see me: the smiling face of shame…

I can’t paint the picture right…

My colors fade,

Strokes don’t catch the light.

What’s my name?


I exist inside the stampede of the sheep

How am I such an indistinguishable beast?

As it turns out, I’m the same as the rest

My heart still beats right here in my chest;

Just not the same as before, I guess.

In reality – there’s open space;

Gulping up the Human race, insatiably feeding…

Not once disbelieving.


And then there’s me, unsure where or who to be;

Unclear on how to think, can’t find the rest of me.

I’m alive and not living – cut off by constraints

ratcheted tightly round my limbs,

Tucked cleverly away beneath

Any surface that I am able to see;

Hidden just enough to discourage everything about me.

9 thoughts on “The Disjointed

  1. Your name is مقاتل
    Your name is nejlepší přítel
    Your name is μητέρα
    Your name is athande
    Your name is সুন্দর
    …. and to me, your name is mama wa nyota

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  2. loricarlson66 says:

    Wow! This is powerful! I love the questioning nature of this and can so relate… I also enjoyed the few internal rhymes here. Gorgeous work!

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  3. El Guapo says:

    Hidden, yes, but peeking out a little here.


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