Fake People Beware

Americana Injustica


I have a VERY low tolerance for all things intentionally misrepresented.

I’m half Shawnee; maybe it’s in my blood, I don’t know…

I will not apologize for it in advance like I do for a lot of my shortcomings; I never claimed to have characteristics that you’d model your own persona after…but I can say that I always try to shoot straight in life with those around me, as I would only want for others to do with me. “Projection” at it’s best, I suppose. I would always rather be told the truth about something and get my last remaining feeling hurt than to be lied to and sugar-coated by someone who can’t respect me enough to tell it like it is.


I can’t stand the whole “sayin’ something, doin’ nothing” virus that has seemingly infected everyone I encounter

I innately hate people who blatantly and…

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