Thank You and Goodbye



ImageToday I lost a best friend; a longtime companion and side kick; an irreplaceable piece of my history and past: My eldest dog, Ozzy died this morning during surgery for a tumor removal. Thirteen and one half years old…my “other” shadow…is gone now…needless to say, this weighs heavily on my heart now.

If there is a Dog Valhalla, may the Gods show Oz this place – he has earned it most certainly, I’ll miss him always.

22 thoughts on “Thank You and Goodbye

  1. Ugh. So Sorry! I lost my best friend three years ago, and I am still not over it….


  2. Sunshine says:

    So sorry to hear hun….hugs ❤


  3. So sorry to hear this. I hope you’re okay.


  4. Thank you for the hugs, D…I like your imagery a lot.
    Hyperion. You and your damned trees, geez!
    Much love to the Dragon and his Keeper and thanks again for the kind words for my boy, Oz…it’s awful quiet without his snoring in the background 😦


  5. Thank you, also M!!! I feel the same about how lucky Ive been to have had him for so long and share so many happy years together, now it’s time to readjust to life without him, which is the painful part. But he didn’t suffer and that is what has always mattered to me with any of my animals, even my finches…hugs and thanks again for being such a warrior.


  6. Thank you Starr, very much, and yes…I would have certainly lost my damn mind MANY MANY times if not for Oz’ calm and comforting presence, truth…I miss him already 😦


  7. He was my big ol’ cutie pie – “a gremlin’s face only a mother could love”, I always cooed to him his whole life, thank you AoA…as always, thank you.


  8. Oh 😦 you have me in tears. Just the mention of a dog dying sets me off. I feel your pain. My beloved Hugin died 9 years ago this month and it still makes me cry on a pretty regular basis. So hard to accept. ❤

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  9. Gus Sanchez says:

    Losing a beloved pet sucks really hard. I lost my lab Maggie this time last year to cancer. She was the first dog I ever owned, and watching her succumb to cancer was too much for me and my family to bear. I’m sorry about your loss. Ozzy has surely found himself a nice bone to chew and lots of space to run around in the Great Beyond.

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  10. Very sad to hear. My dog Roxy is my best friend and I love her with all my heart, so I feel for you. I hope there is a Valhalla for dogs like Ozzy and the other dog companions out there who spend their lives giving us their unconditional love.

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  11. pepeshrimp says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss.
    Lost my dog after 15 years of companionship, he was with me basically my whole childhood and teens.

    Rest in peace Ozzy.

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