Clues and Hints

get itBody language gives so much away – that’s why everyone online is so clueless.

The words spelled out all over the screen have become so meaningless.

…’Cause they can’t see that I’m chewing my cheeks and doing the ADHD purse shuffle from near-spontaneous-combustion while they tell lies to me.

They don’t know how intelligent I am because I have a sailor’s mouth and I prefer not to be meek.

They each think that they have something better –  a leg up on me.

Two can keep a secret when one is headed downstream.


5 thoughts on “Clues and Hints

  1. JMC813 says:

    Just keep kickin ass sailor chick. Anyone with half a clue can see within whatever words you speak, that you hold the wisdom of experience and bitter truth in your fists. Gods help the fuckers that don’t see it coming.

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  2. mandy says:

    You’re on line but you can’t fool me. I know that purse shuffle! 😉 And I know how intelligent you are–your brute-honest (sailor mouth) gives it away. ❤

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  3. The internet can be a hot bed of lies. That, or uniquely intimate as secrets are exposed by the lack of social constraints and anonymity

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  4. mihrank says:

    great sketch and content!

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