Come see me –

This night;

in my darkened corner dreams

I beg of you to make me scream;

Come touch me –

Once more;

Sweat your saliva from my pores

Cut the wires and kick in the doors;

Come stay with me –

Come closer; revive;

Eat me up until I come alive

Let me feed your carnivorous side;

Come with me –

Come in; confide;

Touch every steaming hot place inside

Never look into my crying eyes;

Come ruin me –

This night;

Take away your warmth from me

Come tonight and leave me empty.

10 thoughts on “Come.

  1. marcus says:

    (((Awhoooo))) HATFM

  2. JMC813 says:

    Love this. I find an awesome tension and rhythm to your poetic voice.

  3. neighsayer says:

    I get very uncomfortable when people’s sex and power/violence stuff gets all mixed up – so, therefore, despite being a married man, I’m practically a monk. Sex without power games is really nice – but it’s sorta rare and not really sexy or exciting . . .