If You Believe in “Thanksgiving” as a Reality – YOU ARE A SHEEP.

Custer's Last View

Custer’s Last View


Not sorry, this my opinion – like it or don’t:

As a (half-bred Shawnee) Native-American, Thanksgiving as Holiday has always brought seriously conflicted sensations up from the deepest recesses of my blackened heart, without fail. I have never been able to really put a finger on why…but the older I get and the more that I recognize the bullshit “history” we are taught as “Americans” in school, the more clear it becomes to me.

I wasn’t there, obviously; I have NO clue what REALLY went down between two highly on edge and vigilant parties that supposedly bonded over a huge and plentiful turkey feast at a picnic table somewhere in the country, way back in the day – but I can say with certainty that it COULD NOT HAVE POSSIBLY BEEN THE WAY IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN DESCRIBED TO CHILDREN IN GRADE SCHOOL.

Come on, now…we’re all adults here now…

You expect me to believe that there were not tribe folk scattered thoroughly amongst the trees surrounding the picnic table to which their kinsmen/women were likely being forced to “share” a meal of their own with strangely clothed white folks that seemed to appear out of nowhere? I don’t.


You expect me to believe that the Tribes tell a story anywhere similar to the Americanized version of what was more accurately a strong-armed robbery in some sense or another? I don’t. I have thoroughly researched the OTHER SIDE of the coin on this topic; I have heard the words with my own ears – coming from people who pump the same blood as my own.

This holiday should be renamed as: “Gimme that. That’s Mine Now, Bitch.”

It’s a fabricated BULLSHIT HOLIDAY that epitomizes American Capitalization at it’s very bluest and whitest. Fuckers.

10 thoughts on “If You Believe in “Thanksgiving” as a Reality – YOU ARE A SHEEP.

  1. fig000 says:

    We pay lip service to the constitution and then piss all over it, hence we have no living basis to our land of the free. Anyone who knows a bit about history knows about the trail of tears. In some ways we do offer freedom but also offter the freedome for rapacious, morality starved assholes to destroy our economy with no consequences; recession anyone?

    I used to become impatient with complainers and conspiracy theorists but not after we watched a few greedy personaity disorder ridden losers play loopholes in our credit system to make more money than anyone else. And nothing was done. To most people the subprime loan debacle was just something that happened and we have to live with it.

    I used to love thanksgiving but it’s gotten to the point where I just see the “spin doctoring” that underlies everyone of our sacred American artifacts. None of our holidays are pristine versions of what they were when they started. Why would I assume that we know the truth about Thanksgiving?

    Even if the early settlers had a moment of moral clarity and sat down with the Natives who were supposed to have helped them…well my wife is part Cherokee. Need I say more. We live beneath layers of sanitized shit. It’s time we dealt with the truth. If we are the “land of the free” then nothing else will really do.

    I wonder what they’ll say about this recession in fifty years. Probably make it into an epic battle between good and evil.

    • As always, my wise friend:
      You ARE DEAD ON ACCURATE in your summation of shit…I’m sorry the dickheads let the other dickheads steal your fucking hard-earned money…that pissed me off to be reminded of, too…excellent point on that…Idk what the hell they will be telling anyone who might be able or willing to listen to them in 50 years from now, but I do know it won’t be the truth. Hugs, Bud – – good to see you again, been a while. 🙂

      • fig000 says:

        EEEK! I have been so bad with trying to sell my book that several of my social media outlets have been neglected. I have not been on wordpress much until about two months ago. Obviously I missed your comments. I will follow you with more energy and and not be poop. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Never could stand a holiday that stood for greed, gluttony and bitchin’ about everything that the neighbors have that you want MORE MORE MORE gimme MORE of…not to mention the FINE holiday of more greed and gimme gimme gimme that follows right on its heels. OMG am I the bitch here or what? But I’m sorry I really hate the holidays, not because I am depressed or a scrooge but because I really hate the crass consumption that goes along with it, from the belly to the telly and everything in-between… Okay, that’s my rant for the day. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest! 8)

  3. ericease534 says:

    I am with you on this. We all know that it could never have went down like they say. History as told in schools are all bullshit. Thats why b its called HIS-STORY. Not the truth but a fabricated, elaborately spun tale. Thievery, murder and mayhem is more like it. See something and take it. They sound like addicts to me.

  4. Historical aspects aside, for me it’s one of those few times of the year I’ll see the few family members (mostly in-laws) and friends when they come by for food and the customary socialization.

  5. JMC813 says:

    I have two directions on this. While I love the “Thanksgiving” holiday for the creature comforts and contemporary trappings, I could not agree with you more on the ACTUAL (or at least my best guess at actual) way things went down. I wrote a post about it last year around this time. After reading this I thought you might like to see it.