You ‘n Me.

You aren’t afraid of the blue in my eyes,

Like I do not fear the flash of your grin;

You have no problem with keeping the flow,

I have no problem with putting out the rhythm.

You never cease to amaze me,

And I never fail to let you come in;

You never hesitate to plunder my riches,

I never forget to invite you back again.

Yours wasn’t a story too sad to tell,

Mine is still a nightmare playing itself out;

Ours is just a sweaty, naked one,

Without any dialogue to be written out.

You aren’t put off by the only way that I love,

I’m never offended by the lack on your end;

You never care when I don’t show up,

I never have to lie or pretend.

You are so wholesome and pure to the brim,

I am non-bio-degradable pond-scum;

And so it goes, this balancing show,

Until you do it all – undone.

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