Since the first night that I spent asleep in his words,
His – the most beautiful words this heart ever heard;
I fell fast asleep inside of an unfamiliar sense of relief,
To the lullaby spun from the lungs of a beast,
I slept like a baby as he looked after me…
He gave me shelter from the Carnivorous Things.

He recognizes the things that I hide for what they are,
He gives me real energy – such strength and power;
If he ever wonders, he doesn’t wonder why,
He’s wiped countless tears from beneath my eyes,
I let him pass through where all the other bodies lie…
Always knowing, always hating – he will someday say goodbye.

All I want to reach out for are his words as they float by,
Lusty swoon at the slice of moon that hangs inside his eyes
Since when he first folded me – buckled at my knees,
His strokes were long – songs, smiling growls down at me,
I’ve been captivated by a scent, taken chase – savagely,
Giggled schoolgirl, sprinkled sparks of jealousy…
He’s given me nothing, he gives me everything.

14 thoughts on “Mine.

  1. JMC813 says:

    I freakin LOVE this Jive friend. (jeez, now ya got me sayin it. lol) but one line in particular made my jaw drop.

    “Lusty swoon at the slice of moon that hangs inside his eyes”

    Such imagery spilling out of this line. Not to mention I have a thing for eyes. A BIG thing for eyes. Windows to the soul and whatnot. I get lost in them quite often.

    Another awesome write. You killed it with this one.

  2. Love it! I feel this way about a crush I have!

  3. marcus says:

    hey Punk!
    That was one, mind blowing, rush.
    Surely it tickled this beasts paws.
    It definitely made him howl.
    There was a growl, you may have heard it.
    They say it echoed through the forest.
    The tail is wagging, uncontrollably.
    It’s been said before, the gratitude he has.
    To have received by so many and now by you, love of friendship.
    Humbled this beast is.
    Overwhelmed beyond compare.
    How does one answer but to simply say…
    grazie cara, dal mio cuore al tuo cuore
    baci pppp

    Now, when’s that chopper coming?

  4. wbdeejay says:

    You got me
    with the imagery
    Of being folded
    Buckling at the knees.

    Great strength of rhyme throughout!