I Do.

“I do.” My voice did not falter.

His head whipped around the instant the words left my mouth into the Universe between he and I; he was shocked and it showed. Any uncertainty I might have been pushing down before that moment suddenly left me completely and I stood there, chin held high and shoulders cocked as far back as I could comfortably stand them. The only sound in the room was the echoing shuffles of the shackles around his long legs and feet as he was escorted back out the door leading to his awaiting transport back to his high security, level 4 yard (for murderers and violent criminals, such as he was).

“…to declare before all present that you are, as of this day, divorced under the judicial eye of the law…”

I was barely listening to anything anyone was saying, my heart was leaping. My bones were singing. My life was beginning.

“Sign here please, Miss…”

The attorney’s voice was nasally and annoying; it quickly snapped me out of the moment I had been lost in, watching The Ripper leaving our “divorce proceedings”.

8 thoughts on “I Do.

  1. marcus says:

    funny how the past can take us away from a moment regardless whether good or bad
    fucked up minds we humans have.
    I am although happy/sad for you.
    Sad for the past pains
    Happy for your future smiles
    But you’re still a Punk! and you better not change
    black heart black heart red heart red heart
    I don’t have those real ones like you so I improvised

  2. Cat says:


  3. You took us on a couple of twisted and turns before hitting the straight way of a lost marriage….