What it was, it wasn’t really there;
There weren’t any late night whispers,
No fingers through my hair;
What we were wasn’t really anything;
There was never any meaning,
To the words you spoke to me;
What I thought, it was totally absurd;
There was nothing more to it,
Than just your lonely, empty word;
What I wanted, you refused to give away;
There was no red dress I could wear,
To bring the words you wouldn’t say;
What it turned out to be, in the end of it all;
There was a knock at the door,
And you took the call;
What I didn’t know was that your heart is gone;
There’s no ticking or beating,
Yet you somehow drone on;
What is surprising to me above all else;
There is no one on Earth,
That you love more than yourself;
What you haven’t thought of, ahead of time;
There is no way in Hell,
That you’ll take anything of mine;
What it was, that it never could be;
There are too many like you,
And hardly any others like me.

3 thoughts on “Knock.

  1. JMC813 says:

    So amazing that I feel personally almost EVERY single line of this.
    Every damn line. So close to home………