A Full Moon Howl to Marcus.

NOT YOU!Tonight is the year’s one and only “Wolf Full Moon” that occurs each January sometime.

I have planned on beginning a new trend here on my blog in ongoing remembrance of Marcus, WordPress’ recently lost, ever-beloved Pack Leader: A collective “howl” in his name on each full moon of the year. But tonight’s will be special because it is not only the first of my attempts at collecting howls for Marcus on a full moon, but it is also the Wolf Full Moon, coincidentally.

I hope all of Marcus’ pack (as well as anyone else who has the energies to send a howl out into the Universe in remembrance of truly GOOD soul) will join me in this effort to remember someone so special and worthy…someone who will never be forgotten for his true kindness and laughter…someone any of us knew will mourn perpetually.

So here it goes, Marcus…in your name:

Aw Aw Awhooooooooo!

Howling at the Fucking Moon!

You are missed more than words can convey, Marcus.

16 thoughts on “A Full Moon Howl to Marcus.

  1. Aw Aw Awhooooooooo.
    Aw Aw Awhoooooooooooooo.

  2. ERIC EASE says:

    Aw Aw Awhooooooooool.

  3. Dana Renee says:

    Awhooooooo!! HATFM!!! Love you, Marcus!!!!

  4. Awhoooooo!!! Tomorrow is also the would be birthday of Marcus’s best friend Tony. Deserves another howl. Awwwhoooooo!!! HATFM

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    HATFM Marcus xx <3 Meesh

  6. Kelly says:

    Faced licks and belly rubs for you. HATFM for Marcus…. Awww Awww Awwwhoooooo!

  7. JMC813 says:

    I miss you my wolf brother.
    Howls and ROARS to you. I know you hear them.

  8. sjw2014 says:

    Aw Aw Awhoooooooo howls for Marcus and Tony. HATFM ❤

  9. sjw2014 says:

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    HATFM miss you Marcus x

  10. words4jp says:

    Alrighty – I just got off the phone – damn work:) Okay – I commented on your reblog – on Caroline’s site last night that I noticed the full moon last night. I had to drive my boys to their dad’s house and it was really cool because the moon was shining into my driver’s door window the whole way. i told the boys we had to howl and we kept howling and were blasting Elvis’ rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water. It was a bit odd, I am certain but it was strangely comforting for me. Seeing the moon, thinking of Marcus, listening to Elvis – it helped take my mind off of saying goodbye to my boys – the last time I will have both home at the same time until Summer.

  11. Miss you my friend HATFM .and this is a beautiful tribute 💞💞💞💞