My Hypnotist.

My Hypnotist.

It cannot possibly be,
That there
would ONLY,
Lil’ Ol’ Me,
In love with
my hypnotist:
one Benjamin Bonetti;
It was just
a matter of time,
his hypnotic lines,
chugga chugga
train of thoughts
that he implants
took hold,
in a brain so foggy,
so cold,
out of control;
please Mr. Bonetti,
hypnotize me?
I may notice
my body feeling lighter,
your grip –
becoming tighter…
the depths becoming deeper,
my brain
is getting
the past moves,
to the forefront,
I’m on a head-hunt
for what haunts me;
It cannot be
that I am alone
in what the sound
does to me.
I think I’m in love…
With my hypnotist;
the ways that he
talks straight into me,
do not wake me
Mr. Bonetti;
five, four, three…

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