Jeg ber dere.


Jeg ber dere …
If I had you alone for a while
I guarantee
I could make you smile –
A broad, wide grin
that’d stretch for miles…
You’d be my daddy,
I’d be your love child;
Under the covers
a universe so wild,
believing and seeing –
the other side
of the coin –
tender loin,
my need –
beg and moan
pump and groan
til the tears come
to my eyes;
A stroke and you’re in,
Now the pleasure
You take away from me –
only to
give back in full,
jeg ber dere…
Suction from
puckered lips
pressure from you
deep inside,
now – HOLD
take it back again,
I beg of you
“Sugar, please?…”
You decide then
to let me
finally win;
you get me
to heights I’ve never been;
Please? Come back in…
I’ve left the
knob unlocked,
my door’s wide open
and I’m pleading too
jeg ber dere…jeg ber dere
Aye, you’re mine;
touch down
on the stars
in my skies
lick your own sweat
from my forehead
every night;
jeg ber dere
please do this right
I’ve taken to
the likes of flight
the Victory Wreath,
that you wear
in your full right.
Don’t hang me here
on the old clothesline
with all the things
that have worn
away with time;
too much sunshine –
too much open space,
jeg ber dere
I don’t belong
in that forgotten place.

18 thoughts on “Jeg ber dere.

  1. babyd21713 says:

    This is incredible…I love it! Thank you for sharing

  2. Why, thank you Ax, and very much likewise 🙂

  3. JMC813 says:

    Abso-fucking-lutely amazing. Damn……

  4. Rise above says:

    Love love love this!

  5. Rise above says:


    “Don’t hang me here
    on the old clothesline
    with all the things
    that have worn
    away with time”

  6. JunkChuck says:

    Well, damn….