4 thoughts on “FREEDOM!!!

  1. Oh no, they say he’s got to go go go Dogdzilla!!

    • Jester has returned home safely….
      But the lil shit flew his American Roots Flag for the better part of MLK Day….(he’s not on yankee soil these days) and gave his loved ones quite the scare! !!
      FREEDOM! !!!

    • Rise above says:

      OK so since our friendly resident anarchista didn’t give any background on this, let me fill in the gaps.

      Jester (the shithead dog portrayed above) is my pup, Mr. Jester is a retired racing hound from Florida who got shipped out to Ontario Canada in 2013, I adopted him in 2014.

      Anyhoo, yesterday he decided it would be a good idea to take off and run about 3 kms to the nearest chain grocery shop and setup camp IN THE STORE. One of the workers there dropped him off at the local shelter, they called me and I bailed the little mongrel out to the tune of $40 bucks.

      Meanwhile…While he was missing, I’m getting calls from GINA, GRA, and just about every other Greyhound group in Ontario, I’m scouring 400 acres of forest for this fool, whilst he’s chillin in the meat market.
      Injustica thinks he was celebrating his American roots, I think he was just being a shithead.

      He’s home safe and sound, passed out on the couch.