Ghost Dive.

"In the Fog" Capitola, California 2014

“In the Fog” (Photo taken by Americana Injustica, Capitola, California 2014)

Had not you been stolen
away from its sands,
who knows then, my dear?…
where your feet might let you land,
I can see
your face beneath,
the kelp and reef
quite possibly…
in old misery;

Were you not whisked away
to a far and foreign place,
how might it have become, I fear…
the smile gone from that face,
I can sense
the elegance,
buckets from whence
you counted
in beach tents;

What if? You had no mother
to make up your little mind?
a different man, you understand…
born of a different experience, unkind,
I can feel
pain: so very real,
it’s deep, it’s instilled
but, you’ve conquered
titanium within thy will;

May your prose always shine
Ever-more than just a shimmer
may your wetsuit ever-protect
skin and bones of its swimmer;
I can dive
right alongside,
deeper than shame or pride
to show you – the faces
left far behind.

8 thoughts on “Ghost Dive.

  1. Rise above says:

    Reblogged this on ALL OUT OF EXCUSES and commented:
    I am truly humbled, thank you Injustica for writing this, I am speechless that I could inspire something like this.

    If you have not yet visited “Americana Injustica” I highly recommend you do, it is a cold and hard look at domestic abuse and survivorship.

  2. Rise above says:

    I am humbled, speechless!

  3. JMC813 says:

    Amazing photo as well as a stirringly moving write. Beautiful.

  4. Thank you, Love ♥