Vader Steps.

Footsteps outside my bedroom door,

constantly stomping back and forth –

begging for me to come unglued,

and booby trap the hallway floor;

How many times must you go down the hall?

is there even a purpose at all? –

other than to annoy me until I eventually feel,

as if I want to climb the fucking walls.

Its only ever when I want to be alone,

that you suddenly feel the need to come –

like Vader, with your footing, so fucking loud,

to get all up on my nerve – the very last one.

Can’t you just sit the fuck down?

Like usual – and just lay around –

Its funny as hell how when my time is down,

You are suddenly compelled to stomp your fat ass around.

3 thoughts on “Vader Steps.

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    The ending couldn’t be more perfect 😉
    I have to admit, I re-read it thinking of Princess Leah waiting in her cell.