What If…?

punisher‘What if…?’
And, as the words
shoot from my mind
through my lips…
there’s a sign,
shooting from
far behind.
‘What if…?’
And, I cannot know
the aftertaste of
a poison on my lips…
a crash above,
low the high
what was.
‘What if…?’
And, as the chance
sucks itself down the drain
out of my fingertips…
there’s a pang,
deep inside
all over again.
‘What if…?’
And, as the present
becomes the past, here and gone
time all spent…
hard and long,
lungs howled
emptied of my song.

11 thoughts on “What If…?

  1. My life was always “what if I’d done”
    Now it’s more “what shit is going to happen next”.
    Thus I now know my place and my role.
    Stood waiting to shovel it.

  2. What if…seems like my mantra. Great piece