“No Donner-for-Dinner Day”

Stand Back Up Again.

Stand Back Up Again.

As our super-horribly-awful holiday known as Valentine’s Day draws nearer:

Okay so a lot of you may be offended by my concept and I truly apologize to anyone who takes offense at my attempt to kill two birds with the one stone…but:

Instead of Valentine’s Day on February 14, I suggest that February 19 become National “No Donner for Dinner Day” in celebration of the long-overdue rescue efforts made by Californians to get the Donner Party to safety from the Pass.

I really dislike the concept of Valentine’s Day and always have – not sure why besides the fact that it’s just flat-out dumb in my opinion. St. Valentine was executed by the Pope in return for his defiance of the catholic marriage laws, his story is nowhere near “romantic”.

NOTE: I realize that not everyone made it out alive and I am in no way making light of the tragedy surrounding this bit of humor; but I do, however – feel that if we are going to demand a holiday for every month and need one for February, it should be something worthy of a National Holiday, for Christ sake…I mean, when was the last time anybody wrote a biography on Cupid or even the good Saint, for that matter?…some guy from medieval Europe celebrated as an American holiday, really? It’s just not worthy.

The rescue of the surviving members of such a horrific, VERY American historical tragedy is quite worthy as a celebratory memorial holiday, in my opinion. I mean, can you imagine anything better to celebrate besides the Donner Party (as well as several attachment families and various individual travelers) exiting a winter-long living, freezing, starving Hell. The losses of these people were difficult to comprehend from my warm bedroom in sunny Nor-Cal, but I know that at least one of the survivors one time made the statement in an interview with a reporter that he’d preferred to have died up on the Pass in the snow with his brother…a statement that gives one pause to think a little longer about the endurance of those who came down the Pass and carried on with life afterward.

13 thoughts on ““No Donner-for-Dinner Day”

  1. words4jp says:

    I am up for it. I think V day should be banned. Except for the kisses I get from my kids. 2/19 is good – my bday is the before;)

  2. I believe in demonstrations of love. But I think that they should not have a 200% mark up one day of the year…

    So I hear ya.

  3. Rise above says:

    If someone needs one day per year to celebrate the person they love, then they are definitely doing something wrong.

    The events were highly disturbing, but the holiday name is bloody priceless 🙂

  4. charlypriest says:

    You see, we´re actually celebrating death not love.
    But you got one thing wrong, I just realise I did write a biography of Cupid. Just was looking at it, not kidding, a post of mine that God knows when I wrote it(seems it was last year) but seems somebody today went and took a look at it. Look if you want:

  5. Fucking hell…. the first year in HISTORY that I am given a gift by a grinning young man who thinks his choice is so cleaver and so cute because he is not at all sentimental, and demonstration is hard for him at the best of times, and you all want to set the ‘idea’ on fire. I mean.. just because someone may LIKE Valentines day for a change or… whatever – doesn’t mean we resign on demonstrative love the rest of the year. To me, its like a birthday. I love ‘giving gifts’. Its my love language. (That and things I cant mention here). I do it often… not just on birthdays. I know there is no horrendous story surrounding birthdays… but I believe Christmas is more horrid than Valentine’s story, in the way it evolved / devolved into symbolic bull shit and glitter and light and fuss.

    So yeah, think of all the history and all the… shit that happened, it is SAD. I mean, it is… but … it was nice for me this year. And although I DETEST the commercial aspect of it… I think that ‘going overboard’ once a year is a nice thought, rather than the usual daily stuff some do or don’t do. We forget and become complacent – and maybe Valentines is a reminder of LOVE. That we have it. Or we can give it. Or that it exists…

    For me anyway. And for now, at least. I am one of a small few though. I wished several people a happy Valentines today I got silence. My wishes were sincere. Happy Valentines Day… today – with the sentiment of LOVE. Not Happy Valentines Day – lets forget all the shit that happened and pretend it didn’t happen. Here, have an overpriced gift and a stupid card as evidence of my sincerity.


    Yes. I am moaning and tired and grumpy and this post can be ignored. But… it just made me sad, when I was happy.