I’ve sat down so many times –

to write to you, to your heart –

to get through,

to tourniquet the bloody parts…

A curse of mine that you’ve come to

so well-define – in the dark,

a partner in crime

painted in timeless hue


in every lifetime…

But, I’m still blessed –

through a curse, every time

by my bond to you;

So when I try

to sit down and describe –

with any words

or piece of alter-ego art,

exactly what it is,

that’s happening inside of the wound

from which I pulled your dart…

The words do not come

in accordance to

any drawing or poem

or hardcore theme song –

and I’m always brought back

to the sentimental fact,

that you couldn’t have known,

but you’ve always known

everything, all along.

11 thoughts on “Mushy.

  1. She’d tears … For fuck sakes.

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  2. I shedcrears tonight because of the up coming days and your words, although read before have lifted me again. Love to you my Jess. Lots of it. You are a blessing and I cherish the friendship we have. Formidable and true.

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  3. Gorgeous heartfelt piece xx

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  4. words4jp says:

    Hugs. A poignant piece.

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  5. Words are just words. I know. I feel. I love you. Thank you for the gift that is out bond. A gift. A blessing. And a course set by the gods who smile when we do.

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