Whoever it was;
that made you believe,
that you are born of,
the same skin as me –
served you such glory;
built by so many lies,
bought you into the stories,
sold the truth to your eyes.
Whatever they said;
to convince your heart,
to confuse your head,
to control all that you are –
it was nothing more than words;
carefully chosen, interwoven sound,
yours is the only voice you ever heard,
and you turned blind to all else around.
No matter the reasons;
behind your self-servient ooze,
this veteran’s been seasoned,
by the likes of you and your brood –
I already knew you;
before you even walked inside,
a desperate need for a blowjob,
that you so unsuccessfully hide.
It might’ve been your Mama;
who told such ugly lies to you,
maybe your wife, or her sister,
or the folks at the church you pay to –
it makes about as much of a difference;
as it makes your self-absorption cool,
stuff this pipe for future reference,
and smoke away like an ignorant fool.

6 thoughts on “Ooze.

  1. Hells yes! Love this Xx

  2. Rise above says:

    Oh gawd damn!