Image from we<3it.

This is what happens.
Or, moreover: what can;
when a woman is broken,
by the hands of a man;

these are the facets
that the light reflects through;
our many faces of torture,
that somehow still smile on que;

we sit on display in a window
it’s all that we know how to be;
like a sideshow in a traveling circus,
to glimpse us tells a million stories.

It’s a scale that is constantly sliding
tipping from and to either end;
unsure of which side that our weight will land,
until it balances itself out once again.

You’ve got the face of the innocent, young and naïve
aside of the broken down masochist, who can’t get up from her knees;
you’ll see the ancient and calm – next to the kamikaze lovebomb,
we have every archetypical matriarch and fawn, here for you to see.

We are each so different, yet exactly the same
our memories are singed with torturous pain;
yet we’ve accepted that we are each as much to blame,
as the demons that left us with scars in our skin.

20 thoughts on “Display.

  1. This is spectacular. Your writing moves me so.

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    Spectacular, powerful words from a beautiful soul

  3. georgeforfun says:

    touching, indeed

  4. words4jp says:

    wow — this is such a powerful piece. it takes a strong and courageous soul to write these words…. you are one of those special souls. xx

  5. jghemlock says:

    This is phenomenal. Is this your own artwork as well? Amazing. May I have permission to re-blog this on my domestic violence awareness site? If not, no hurty feelings.

  6. jghemlock says:

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    This poem is a REBLOG and it is written by a very talented, and beautiful woman “Americana Injustice” on word-press. Both images-amazing drawings from “we heart it.” Anyone who would like to submit any writings, any thoughts, any art-work, feel free to send it to me. Speak up! Stand up! You own the FIRE inside you to overcome!
    “He who is in you is GREATER than he who is in the world.”
    We are God’s WOMEN OF THE WORLD! This breath was not from Adam but from God himself! WE ARE GOD’S GIRLS!
    Men of the world…Look at what you are doing to the women of this world! The women who belong to God-His fire! His breath! The women that were given to you as a GIFT!
    We are loving, wise, talented, educated, nurturing and forgiving.
    We were given to you to be your ‘helper’ and your comforter so that you wouldn’t walk alone in this world.
    Confront your demons men of this world! Open your “spiritual” eyes to what you are doing and why YOU are hurting and abusing women! You are hurting yourself, destroying every good blessing God has given you and in it’s purest essence, kicking the face of God!

  7. Powerful and so hard to miss. Love it.

  8. Purpleanais says:

    Wow….powerful stuff