Tangibly Imaginary.

sandj2015She has a tangible, imaginary friend
who comes to shine when the light grows dim,
who calls off the demons that crawl under the skin,
who forces her upright when her knees keep giving in.

An unimagined force that flows between the minds
inside of two hard-heads,
a whisper that breathes the hope of life back into a dream, long dead,
a tickling in the inner-ear, recalling words
that were heard and said,

She is a tangible, imaginary friend
who hears a clone of her own crying across the sea,
who speaks to the spirits and commands them to be,
who remembers each lifetime and treasures such memories.

not a single loose string hanging from the thickened vine
of life-line towed between the two,
a shadow to the naked eye, a real-life confidant, tried and true,
a beckoning that guides the sight of the eyes
a coconut flavored truth.

8 thoughts on “Tangibly Imaginary.

  1. Aye. Very unconditional…the only kind of love that’s worth a fuck…
    Hugs and lamb(throat)chops to the Ax. xxx
    Moon-shining Tonight.XxX

  2. JMC813 says:

    Just a stunning depiction of friendship and love. As long as you have each others backs no one dare Fuck with either of you. Admiration and respect for the Bear (trainer) and the Lamb.

  3. I love you woman!!!