Who’s Winning?

“Love was as hardwired into the structure of the universe as gravity and matter.”
– Dan Simmons, The Rise of Endymion

For my own contribution to the loads of SaintExecuted for My Defiance of a Medieval Catholic Pope’s Marriage LawsValentine’s Day, I wanted to simply share my own notions behind LOVE and the definition that I personally carry of it; for anyone who may be interested…
Love is not knowing, but jumping in anyway.
Love is the feeling of stitches dissolving in your skin.
Love is the smile of an innocent child in the grips of wonder.
Love is a giant, canine bearing sea-lion being afraid of you.
Love is sunshine.
Love is an all-encompassing acceptance that changes your DNA.
Love is hoping against all logic or reason.
Love is being the first face to come into view, every time.
Love can be tangible.
Love can be fickle.
Love can bring us to our knees, in many different variances.
Love will NEVER leave us alone.
Love is darkness.
Love is light.
Love is the answer as well as the question in languages that humanity does not yet speak.
Love may be a language that humanity as we know it never learns.
Love was the mother of all Hatred.
Love is the force behind all of it, everything.
Love bore Mother Earth, the Sun, and every star.
Love is God. God is a Goddess. The Goddess falls back in Love.
Love can conquer all.
Love doesn’t necessarily want to conquer all.
And lastly,
When I didn’t love Love, it loved Me, Anyway.

14 thoughts on “Who’s Winning?

  1. Love is putting your ear to another’s chest to feel them breathe,
    … and love is most certainly, that breath. That beat, and the outwardly motionless dance we do to the sound of it, while internally, we laugh, we bleed, and we discover, that whatever it may feel like, love is the thread that we are sewn together with, by word or by action – but it is, and always will be. And the hand or hands that sew… don’t always know. But it is a tapestry. Odd, and sore, and uneven, but constant.

  2. LadyPinkRose says:

    Wow! Just wow! The way your Mind thinks is phenomenal. Only one who has jumped through hoops and fire, can write as you have here. Outstanding post and I really thank you. Love, Amy

  3. B says:

    Love is acceptance. And accepting that all things have a beginning and ending. And embracing that which is here and now. But never forgetting the love that was, for it is always “now” and not just “past” in our feelings…..remember how you felt that one day? When all was bright and the sun shone only for you? I remember days like that. I can still feel them even though they were years ago. I accept that specific love will never be again. I also accept that I can and will feel that way again…and again…and again….


    I remember the sounds of the heartbeat and the slow rise and and fall of gentle breathing as we lay very quietly next to each other….it was the simplest joy to feel the person I loved simply being..alive…and sharing their aliveness with me. Thank you for that reminder :).

  4. mandy smith says:

    Love is you, A. Just like that precious little lamb. ♥

  5. words4jp says:

    This is so beautiful. For me, love is looking into the eyes of my boys and holding them. Love is Sydnee Pee looking at me with her big brown eyes. Love is watching Peyton make homemade cookies for Pee and getting goofy texts out of the blue form my boys. I suppose, quite simply, love is my children. But, I have also found a source of love that I never knew before and it comes in the way of friends I have made on WP and tumblr. These are precious to me. Greatly. xx

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    Love is,,, your words and my cooking:),,❤️ Great read for my morning,,,