The Misidentified:
a Blood Eagle Rite;
a person who hides
an opaque web of lies.

The Egotistical:
a Wolf in Sheep’s wool;
a person who is cruel
a fool
that never learned in school.

The Dishonest:
a Forged Document;
a person who spreads
and vomits resentment.
The Opportunist:
Never a Chance missed;
a person waiting in secret
on the potential stumble in a step.

The Self-Designated:
the Power and the Glory, faded;
a person who is motivated
by a harem blindly cultivated.

The Self-Assured:
The Most Boring Tale Ever Heard;
a person who is falsely secured
by words
as solid as the bridges burned.

13 thoughts on “Teachers.

  1. B says:

    The Fool:
    entranced by beautiful words
    a lie for a future
    the fool walks over the cliff again

  2. As a fucking whip, Firework. <3

  3. I hated school and couldn’t wait to enter the college of life i.e. working for a living. Somewhere I went wrong though and ended up in the forces. Ho hum, no plan is ever perfect is it?