The Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace Part Five: Joe.

Last night, I watched the film called ‘Joe’ starring Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan and the late Gary Poulter. I have never really been too much of a Nick Cage fan (with the exception of The Rock) and couldn’t tell you why besides to say that his macho roles are always totally Schwarzenegger’d to all shit.
The movie Joe however, well….wow…is all I can say; this film was super low budget and had a cast that was mixed with regular street actors as well as more famous ones like Cage; but it’s message was PRICELESS. Cage did the performance of his career, in my opinion – and I realize that is likely because he portrays the epitome of a Psychopathic Bringer of Justice and Peace, but his character is EPIC.

I really can’t do a full review of his role and those of the others in the film without creating a very well-written spoiler – which I only do on movies older than five years. This was a 2013 film, so I will not.
However, in reading up on the film and its making, I was shocked to learn that Gary Poulter, who plays the belligerent and drunken father to Sheridan’s character, actually was a homeless “drunk” that was hired from the streets. His portrayal in the film is said to be one of little acting whatsoever. Additionally, he has died since the film was made; he was found face-down in a shallow pond in an Austin, Texas homeless encampment.

Joe - copy imageThis information made the film that much more powerful and hauntingly surreal. Poulter’s character is evil and truly, truly beyond any help or redemption in the film. It was sad to learn of the lack behind any acting done on his part, for starters.

gary poulter

Poulter’s character being a drunken piece of shit to his son, Sheridan’s character, Gary.

cage poulter

Cage’s character, Joe on the verge of snapping with Poulter’s character, T-Daawg.

Either way – Cage fan or not, I suggest you see this film. It is on Amazon and likely available wherever you get movies nowadays.

18 thoughts on “The Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace Part Five: Joe.

  1. words4jp says:

    Sounds intriguing, though I have difficulty watching a movie with abusive drunks. Especially fathers. It brings back too many memories.

  2. Jarrod C says:

    Thanks for the review. I have seen this one on Netflix but not watched it. I think this made me turn the corner now.

    • See? I’m glad I didn’t write a spoiler after all. Enjoy! Its heavy content but an EPIC film.

      • Jarrod C says:

        Another commenter mentioned they wouldn’t be able to watch it because it brings things too close to home. I understand that perspective. There are certain things that resonate with me heavily and while I can usually watch, it really elicits heavy memories.

        • Well, tread lightly then my friend. ..but know that it has an inspiring message (in a psychopathic kinda way)

          • Jarrod C says:

            I was watching American Horror Story and after the gang rape scene in the 3rd series, I couldn’t watch anymore. I’m not for censorship and while it obviously goes without saying that anyone with a shred of humanity wouldn’t like this, it really bothered me, enough that I couldn’t sleep that night.

            I decided I might need to turn it off for awhile.

          • Aye. I understand completely. This film is heavy, but there is more violence than anything. I think you will be able to watch it and appreciate the hopeful message it encourages, then still be able to crash out uneventfully. 🙂

          • Jarrod C says:

            I think so too. A lot of the heavy stuff is usually utilized to to point out the evils of the world and ways to overcome them. They become metaphors much like the “Saw” movies though I can’t get too many people to see that.

            I’m not entirely sure why the American Horror Story episode bothered me so much beyond the obvious.

          • You know I was thinking about it after you shared your AMHS episode experience; last night, right before I found “Joe”, I had started a different movie called “Captive” with some other pretty famous dude that I’m coming up totally blank to put a name to;
            I had to turn it off also, hence, how I found the Joe movie…the stuff hit WAAAY too close to home.

          • Jarrod C says:

            Would you mind elaborating on what was in the movie that bothered you? You don’t need to go into your personal experiences.

          • Sure.
            1. The kidnapping of a young girl.
            2. The helplessness that is attached to the aftermath.
            3. The captive element.
            I admittedly only watched about 20 min into the film. But being the parent of a runaway girl, it was too close to home for me, personally.

          • Jarrod C says:

            I understand and I am sorry to hear about your family situation.

            It is odd how something we know to be fantasy such as a movie is fine yet if I watch a documentary or some sort of reality show, a similar situation can be unnerving. Maybe our brain and our conscience is able to reconcile one as being not real while our sense of sympathy as a human being kicks in when we understand something to be rooted in truth.

          • Well shit….
            I couldn’t have said it better, myself. Hugs Xx

          • Jarrod C says:

            You got it. I think the great thing about the blogging community is the support we give one another. I’m actually sometimes at a loss at how nice and caring total strangers can be but yet how cruel people in our personal lives can be.

          • A fucking men to that. <3 HUGS

  3. neighsayer says:

    somebody online said once – “The day I’m having is so bad, I keep looking around to see if Nick Cage is in it.”