Hush your lips, quiet your mouth…
help me ride this naughtiness out;
I seek out the ears of your illogical side…
I seek out the dark side of the sunny daylight,
I seek out the body covered by your suit and tie;

Still your hand, calm your nerves…
sit back and take what you deserve;
I want to spend a good chunk of time…
I want to bring shooting stars out to shine,
I want to show you what it means to really be mine;

Rest your thoughts, shelf your fears…
let me to tongue bathe away your tears;
I will not leave your body or mind dissatisfied…
I will toss my sword and armor passionately aside,
I will you to toss yours, too – and just enjoy the ride.

10 thoughts on “Hush.

  1. Rise above says:

    Oh my Miss. Injustica!

  2. Thank you for inviting me to play <3

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