Run away

do not look back one time,

or you will be burned

on each eyelid’s inside,

from the charred remaining figures

that once stood tall with pride;

do not look back one time;

lest you be again shown,

the horror, the terrors of

molten ancient lava flown

turned solidly to stone.

Dignity was lost amongst them,

          each one, too proud to run;

too dumb –

to believe –

the inevitable to come.

Run away

do not hesitate,

never question the instinct

to resist to fate;

The last remaining lifeboats

have been filled –

and barely float


If you are not amongst them

accept that

you will die


and tomorrow

and the next day.

'Vesuvius Erupting at Night' by William Marlow

‘Vesuvius Erupting at Night’
by William Marlow

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