Bleeding Machine.

Dear Machine of Destruction and Pain:

I hope this finds you burned to the grass;

I hope your data has been wiped away,

and a ribbon’s been fixed to your ass;

I cursed the very ground you stand on:

that the foundation beneath you will give,

that the crumbled pile of beams and boards,

will become the home in which you live;

I have offered the Gods – my sacrifices:

I have sworn an oath, and signed in blood;

be there none who rise from the ashes,

let the drones suffer in death’s slow-flowing mud;

Dear Heinous Failure of my Forefathers’ Children:

You each should’ve taken heed to past demands;

you should’ve placed much more importance upon,

the job destined to be done by these very hands;

I lay down in the blood of your comical occupation,

I scream out in fear borne of systematic nightmares;

I’ve been forced to break the chain of my command,

and be part of this sickening puppet show for years;

but I spun around on my tiptoes and surprised you:

with a slash of my blade as I flashed by your face,

cut the wires that hook the machine to your pulse;

and every last puppet bled out right there – on stage.

But it’s no victory to celebrate, you see:

no deed can bring back:

what’s been taken from me;

no buildings burned down,

will give me the healing that I seek –

ten thousand bodies underground,

still leaves me hollow and empty;

Dear Machine of Systematic Failure and Human Misery:

I hope this lets you somehow glimpse –

the monster you have made of me;

I hope this emphasizes to you,

and your robots, concisely:

how the driving forces

stampede through me

like panicked horses –

spooked inconsolably;

and there’s nothing left to frighten me –

when it comes to the falling shrapnel,

from the burning shell of the machine.


8 thoughts on “Bleeding Machine.

  1. Ha!
    Today Is Godsmack for me ♥

  2. neighsayer says:

    super cool, AI.

  3. Powerful stuff! Much enjoyed 🙂