A ‘Worm Moon’ Howl to Marcus.

Howling out loudly –
to a loss mourned deeply…
another full moon, here to shine so soon;
tonight’s moon makes it three…
three moons have full shone,
since your laughter’s been gone;
and I howl out my lungs,
with each one,
that’s been hung;
though I don’t know
what’s drives me to
keep this ritual updone:
whether in honor of you,
and how your pores oozed
with kindness and love –
or if I need to scream ,
up to the Gods’ high esteem,
because the moon,
in her shiniest prime
deserves a kick in her eye
for taking you
so permanently, so tragically.

12 thoughts on “A ‘Worm Moon’ Howl to Marcus.

  1. Hugs back my Darling Ax.

  2. I miss him every day, every time I write but mostly when I see the moon. Xx hugs.

  3. M's Journey says:

    Thank you for writing this. I am confident that he has seen it and is howling now.

  4. Dana Renee says:

    No wonder my heart is so heavy and the tears stsnd ready.

  5. This piece brims with sincerity. Loss is like one of those nasty monsters they tell you about that prey on naughty kids who play outside at night. Learning the reality of its pain is what really sucks.