Eyes, locked that never leave my thighs, as I pass by –

parade-rested – ideas nested deeply in your mind;

let stand: up your man, hands down, at your sides;

now, don’t be shy – don’t try to hide –

just let your savage instincts override;

Hold, molten to your soul in solid gold, the coveted prize –

cradled tightly – carried brightly by the iris of your eye;

follow me: into Ecstasy, and let your body be satisfied;

so, don’t act blind – let me ease your mind –

just undress and find your way inside;

Sweat, drips salty-wet, drop erotic tears, in my eyes –

legs shaking – an undertaking of the most pleasant type;

climax; then relax, let your wind fill the skies;

you can just unwind – this suits us just fine –

forget the devilish detail you’ve been searching to find;

Time, passes along before I am gone into the dark of night –

softly scented – slightly resented for loving your body so right;

let be: the naked memory, fire-lit and golden in the throes tight;

oh, don’t think me unkind – it’s a habit of mine –

to promptly leave before I get left behind.

13 thoughts on “Kink.

  1. I’ll accept whatever you provide with genuine passion … 🙂 Thanks so much for the extensive visit today!!!

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  2. Darie's Daily Dish says:


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  3. why is ‘sorry’ a tag?

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