Most Hated of Them All.

I hate her.
I hate the way her face displays,
all the things she hides from me;
I hate every breath that she takes.
I curse her smiles;
I make it rain all over her parades,
I saturate her blankets,
and every clothesline that she hangs.
I feel sick;
every time her victory banner is waved,
those with hearts as dark as hers,
do not deserve such good days.
I cast catching nets;
to halt the successes she’s made,
all the good she’s accomplished;
from within a questionable Human state.
I hunt her;
track marks in the mud from her chains,
her pace has picked up now,
but her attempts to escape are in vain.
I watch her;
watch each line appear in her face,
along the tip-toes of the crow’s feet,
so I step away from the mirror again.

17 thoughts on “Most Hated of Them All.

  1. wow. Great impact.

  2. I look and see someone who is always smiling at the expectation that today is going to be better than yesterday.
    Know what? It usually is just that.
    Better today than what happened yesterday and brilliant when compared with what has long gone.

  3. I don’t hate her. I am not the only one. She is out numbered. So she can hate all she wants. It’s about as effective as throwing shit at a fan…

  4. woundstofeel says:

    We love her, and her humanity, experience, creativity and spirit. She is loved, all sides. ❤️

  5. words4jp says:

    I adore the person you see in the mirror. I find her beautiful and incredibly inspiring and I particularly love her gumption;). In regard to your piece – I think most of us are not a fan of who we see in the mirror. I will never like what I see. Ever. I will hate it till the day I die. It’s just they way of the world for me.

  6. JMC813 says:

    Gotta say…Woundstofeel said it better than I ever could.

    We love her, and her humanity, experience, creativity and spirit. She is loved, all sides. ❤️

    Might I add we love her reflection too.

  7. bejamin4 says:

    Excellently written!