Beckoning Support for the Bear Trainer.

She didn’t tell anyone, because she’s just like that…(she only shares her burdens when she feels like there is no other way), but the Bear Trainer is in major surgery today.

I shouldn’t be airing her laundry like this either – but I feel like EVERY last person who sends her positive energy will make a difference for her outcome. I won’t get too personal with this, other to say that her condition is very serious and life threatening at present; and I ask any of my readers to keep the Bear Trainer in every possible thought towards the upswing until I hear from her.

Please keep her in your strongest of thoughts today. Thanks, everyone.

8 thoughts on “Beckoning Support for the Bear Trainer.

  1. words4jp says:

    One of my fave quotes by David Foster Wallace. You are a lovely and loving friend. xxx

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  2. bdlheart says:

    Positive energy is healing, I believe, in whatever format it takes. Glad you shared this…

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  3. … your ‘avoiding’ skills have failed you. hug I am okay… Thank you, and I love you. More details in private.

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