Ode to a Spaniard.

Across the sea
a ways from me
lives a wondrous
writer of poetry;
a Spaniard – my Charly:
his prose are like dreams,
the way that he
whittles down words,
he knows how to love me;
An Ode to a Spaniard –
a blue eyed, fair-skinned King
writes words I believe
alongside of me,
in a flow that goes freely,
the click of typing keys,
Ode to a kindred,
spirit belonging to me,
my favorite bull-chaser –
My Crazy Lifed Charly.

7 thoughts on “Ode to a Spaniard.

  1. Awesome poem for a great guy! 🙂

    I got your invite for Kindred Words. Thank you. I’m incredibly humbled. And rather embarressed to say I’ve never been given access to posting on another’s blog. Any advice?

  2. charlypriest says:

    I´m late to reading this.
    This was very nice of you, love ya from the other side of the Atlantic.