The Unsecret Friendship of S and J. A Collection, of Unsecret Affairs.

Mocking Bird Down

tumblr_lu5unmbVCC1qf93qho1_500I am a chocolate brownie fan, and J knew full well that I would devour at least four before thinking to ask if J had added anything extra special to the mix. Of course, by then, it was too late. I had to be escorted out of the public lounge, as I started blowing out snot bubbles in between each snort of laughter. Much to J’s amusement. We were both severely reprimanded by the on site manager. Both didn’t care. At all.

tumblr_llc5ufBAim1qhw4wvo1_500Inseparable and impossible to slow down, as a duo we had been testing the limits of immaturity with each passing year – with a vigor that would put most youth to shame. Long since past trying to maintain any dignity, we had become accustomed to the disapproving looks and the brushes with the law. Fortunately for us, two senile old women spend less time in lock up and…

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