Passive Aggressive’s. Yellow.

Mocking Bird Down

Passive aggressive bullies. A breed unto their own. Mean streaks mixed with self loathing, a combination of bad seeds planted and buried deep until the rain comes. Mud that drowns the already suffocated, but fuels the malice and the seething. There is no bravery. There is no forward motion. Just blunt jabs that weather the opponent, in the same slow fashion that the rain turns the soil to mud. In the same hide and seek manner of a coward, that has no real voice, other than the ones that torment just them inside the dark soaked corners of their own ever growing, nurtured self pity. Blind to the rainbows. Blind to the sunlight – and deaf to the humbling sounds of life that comes after a good storm.

I would rather a stand up good fight. A bloodied and honest battle. An all cards on the table slam down, even…

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