Domestic violence FAQs

Avalanche of the soul

What is domestic violence, and is it my fault? Should I believe my abuser when he promises to change? How can I help a friend or relative that is in an abusive situation? Here are my answers to the most common questions asked about domestic violence.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is any threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour, violence or abuse by an intimate partner, regardless of gender or sexuality – though research shows that it is mostly perpetrated by men and experienced by women. It can happen in the home, and in any other setting. It can happen where the victim does not live with the abuser, and at any stage in a relationship.

Abusive relationships can include abuse that is psychological, physical, emotional, financial, and sexual. It is typically a pattern of intimidating behaviour perpetrated by an individual in order to establish and maintain control over another…

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