5 thoughts on “Louis CK Nails This:

  1. The Chaos Realm says:

    AHAHAHA Okay so that’s my much-needed laugh for the day…thanks!

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  2. I fucken love this!!! Its so TRUE!! My experience the men that think they are all suave and brilliant are the WORST. They cum and they think they are sex gods… hahha, while we sit there and are like.. ‘seriously?’. They get a rocking blowjob and they are proud of themselves?? hahahahahahahahaha. I asked one guy if I should draw him a fucking diagram…

    Having swung both ways – I never had that problem with women. So how is it that we can instinctively please a man, but its like a serious puzzle for them to return the favour??

    This cracked me up. Thanks for sharing!!!

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