An Ode to a Highly Flammable Old Flame.

There you were,
that devilish grin,
after all this time,
say the word – here I am…
got you memorized,
every pore of your skin,
any move that you make,
is pure perfection…
every time I look at you,
it’s the first time all over again,
you’ve always had those steel-toe eyes,
an ability to kick my doors all in…
Here we are,
that same scenery,
the chlorine smell,
your hot tub Jacuzzi…
adorned by rows of salty drops,
crown your brow in liquid beads,
every breathe that I take,
drives me closer to full nudity…
we both know what happens next,
too cross-eyed to find my bikini,
I don’t recall – can you remind me,
my name, address, and DOB.

2 thoughts on “An Ode to a Highly Flammable Old Flame.

  1. Teela Hart says:

    There’s always that one….