et Religatos.




texentes subtilia malum per tempus ante et retro,

infidelissimae mei mansiones suas,

mea turpíssimam cladibus,

mea ebrius et victor ipsi consiliis removisset,

tot itinera qui loca ignota,

steterunt coram mea,

simum videtur non est finis,

numquam velut vespertinam iustum non oculis nostris,

nunquam Sole, quod dissolubilis amplexatus,

umquam in curiositatibus stamni,

ceteraque tuas aut meas.




21 thoughts on “et Religatos.

  1. charlypriest says:

    Hey my girl J,
    I had some trouble, just for me to get it translated, but it was worth it. By the way I read it on the reblog Georgeforfun……so now have fun now baby doll…or baby woman,, I believe that´s better, either way this read was great, made me work and think too much and that doesn´t quite happen often
    love ya


  2. georgeforfun says:

    Reblogged this on georgeforfun and commented:
    bene factum, Amice, bene factum.

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  3. If Google Translotor is correct, its beautiful.

    weavers of evil for a time, before and behind,

    My treacherous journeys ,

    My shameful defeats ,

    my drunken man, and they are the conqueror of plots,

    many trips to places unknown ,

    stood before me,

    snub seems there is no end ,

    never a twilight is not just with our eyes,

    never the sun , which fades to embrace her ,

    never curiosities stamni ,

    other yours or mine .


  4. Hvar er bað ?
    Get ég séð fæturna ?

    Veistu hvað það er ?
    Þakka þér já vinsamlegast ekki

    Er að ljónið í garðinum mínum
    Ég elska þig
    Þú veist ég geri.
    Erum við þarna ennþá ?


  5. JunkChuck says:

    Good gawd, is that latin? You can write in latin?

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