The Empath and the Opportunist – Continued.

NOTE: “The Opportunist” is someone who broke my heart pretty completely about a year ago; someone who I gave too much to, and got little in return from; someone who made it painfully apparent when I failed to present any further opportunity for him that he had no reason to stay.

He showed up on Saturday to watch the fight at the Man Cave with his lifelong friend, my roommate, Dice. I had known he would be coming – they were ALL gonna be coming, I knew (it turned out to be 16 men and 2 women, including myself) watching the fight.
His face told very sad stories immediately upon opening the front door and seeing him: eyes down-turned and swollen, bottom lip protruding out slightly…unable to make any eye contact with me. I knew something was wrong right away – because despite everything we have been through, he has never been unable to look me in the eye. Oddly, before I could even give it any logical thought, I blurted out:
“What’s wrong Opportunist? Is it your Dad?” (Of course I used his real name, though)
He just fell apart right there on the spot. Came unglued altogether. His father has been deteriorating at a sporadic pace from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s; and has recently become very fearful, paranoid and much like a strange child to his own helpless family. I watched when I was a young girl, as my great-grandmother faded to Alzheimer’s – it undoubtedly broke my great-grandfather’s heart and was the most traumatizing experience that he had ever lived through…I often think he wished he wouldn’t have.
Anyway, the empath in me was alive and well on Saturday; I hugged him, and sat with him, and talked with him for hours – let him talk about the living nightmare that he is currently undertaking in regard to watching his Dad slip away in mind and body. We ended up missing the main event fight altogether because he was obviously in greater need of talking to someone about his Dad. In a house full of his best friends that he’s known since first grade or earlier – I found it striking that it was ME he ended up in the garage with all day and night while none of them bothered to even inquire about his father’s status. I guess that’s just a guy thing, I don’t know. Either way, there we were together.

7 thoughts on “The Empath and the Opportunist – Continued.

  1. kat says:

    strange things, eh?

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  2. JMC813 says:

    THIS is why we Jive Lamb.

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  3. mindfulaide says:

    Those who have been hurt the hardest are usually the greatest healers. You just need to attune yourself out of the pain from your previous suffering. Good of you to be there for him despite the past. ❤

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  4. I agree. And in all tuth, I feel better than I do worse about offering humanitarian support to someone who is losing a parent…even if we have bad blood between us. Thank you for the feedback, you nailed it I think. ♥

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  5. Love for our fellow humans takes stepping up when you are called upon. It takes putting personal feels away and healing a man’s heart. And that you did. Personally he shouldn’t be allowed in your day to day, until he shows he can put in the dedication necessary to make it a 50-50 relationship again.

    He’s “an opportunist”, why would he use the friends he can have fun with to have a vulnerable discussion with?! He can always use you and return back to his life like nothing happened. The only reward in doing the right thing, is doing thr right thing. We all have a choice….

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