I’ve admittedly,
aimless and,
without direction,
I have already,
emptiness that,
has by now replaced,
dragging beside me,
a lifetime’s,
anchor sinking,
it’s hopelessly,
surfaced between,
bridges long burned.

12 thoughts on “Pelagic.

  1. Ash to air
    A like of chaos
    The taste of something that was never there
    Death a shadow
    One that stalks my foot steps
    Haunts me with every happy stare
    The loss of sanity
    My demise in every eye that catches me
    From people for whom I just don’t care
    So take the world and burn it
    For I have no more humanity
    That could come close to what felt
    When I was with her

    PS: great write, inspirational and a class example of wordidge

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  2. jack kain says:

    very well written

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  3. JunkChuck says:

    A traveler doesn’t always need to know his–or her–destination. To quote an old song, “it’s that tale that you tell about how you got here from there.”

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  4. Michelle says:

    That’s a pic from One Tree Hill, right?


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