Shades of darkness,
like a smoky scaled,
tracking lines,
of salinity…
down my face,
into the blood at my feet…
years of sadness,
like a neatly made,
style of military…
high and tight,
tucked in perfectly…
down to the bottom,
of the deepest of seas…
heightening madness,
brewing beneath…
we can all hear the sound,
of the kettle’s whistling…
get up! get your rounds!
the world is ending…
or just lie down,
and let it find your end…
it is time to find out,
who’s REALLY your friend…
go on, jump into the crowd,
learn your very last lesson.

8 thoughts on “Jump.

  1. Jump. I may not be very graceful about catching you – but I will 🙂 You may want to wear a helmet. Love ya

    Liked by 1 person

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