Eric is an amazing man; and he is also a longtime member of my own personal cyber-family here on WP…his perseverance is jaw-dropping and inspiring topped off by an honesty that is hard to match in sobriety.



I woke up today with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for my new found life in recovery.

Lately I have been experiencing a onslaught of storms in my life. One obstacle after another. As I look back I am left with a feeling of happiness and pride for how I am handling the things that are going on.

Not to long ago, I would have crumbled under the pressures of my everyday life. I would have given up, used these trials and tribulations as an excuse to go smoke some crack and drink my problems away. The reality of course is that they would not have gone away but would have in all actuality gotten worse.

Today thanks to having a Higher Power, I have stumbled upon the best thing to have ever happened to me. Through my HP’s guidance I found recovery through the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. I…

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  1. ERIC EASE says:

    Thank you for reblogging my post Americana. 🙂

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