Porcelain Complexion.

In the realm
of concession,
near a booth
for confession,
under thumbs,
long oppression,
seeking truth,
beyond depression,
the answer to,
every question,
the charter of,
unmapped procession,
the recognized,
in wide variation,
well hidden lies,
beneath foundation,
well-groomed to die,
an entire population,
when tomorrow,
lacks motivation,
when this Life,
is in violation,
of treaties between,
me and damnation,
a grenade’s pin,
teeters on location,
bombs explode,
painful radiation,
down to the bone,
without affection,
nobody home,
in any direction,
watch me glow,
with indiscretion,
smash til it’s gone,
porcelain complexion.

21 thoughts on “Porcelain Complexion.

  1. parispoems says:

    fantastic J, as you know me loves to rhyme, this was just wow, so many incredible interpretations I think could be had from your words…loved it…on a side note, again you two, J and S, you crack me up and I love reading your banter. Take care love, xx Paris

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  2. poemfairy says:

    Hauntingly beautiful in a disturbing way that shines the light on war. I shared it 😉

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  3. poemfairy says:

    Reblogged this on poemfairy.

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  4. That’s hard hitting. Great post.

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  5. Reblogged this on Mocking Bird Down and commented:
    Amazing poem, by amazing woman.


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