4 thoughts on “Ancient Proverbs: 11 – The Germans.

  1. RE: Growing Up


  2. georgeforfun says:

    Reblogged this on georgeforfun and commented:
    Genau richtig, meine Freund.
    Exactly right, my Friend. ❤ )));<)))

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    • XO George…hope you’re well.

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      • georgeforfun says:

        Kiddies wore me out last few days, otherwise, resting and recovering well. TY.
        Hope your week is beginning and flowing well.

        I’m learning that even if my mind is willing to keep on going, Father Time and Mother Nature dictate limits on this old body oft abused by “never quit”
        attitude. Sadly, Peter Pan is slowly realizing he is growing older while fighting growing up. ));<))


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